5. Adding content

The first thing you will notice when entering your private workspace will be the green "Edit Bar". This allow you to create, edit and delete content from your workspace.

Each document you create will also display this Edit Bar. It will allow you to manipulate its content and properties:

  • For a folder, "Contents" lists the contents of the folder.
  • "View" displays the current object (page, file, etc.)
  • "Edit" lets you modify the content and properties ("metadata") of a document.
  • "Sharing" lets you define how the document is shared with other members of the site.
  • "Add new..." is where you add new content. The types you'll use most of the time will be:
    • "File": a Word, Excel, PDF, ... file uploaded from your computer.
    • "Folder": a folder letting you organise your documents.
    • "Page": a web page such as the current page of the tutorial. It can be edited online.
  • "Status" specifies if your object is private or public. Remember, your workspace must remain private, lest its contents become visible to anybody!


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