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QUESTE-SI: Aim, goals, process

Slides presented by Stanislaw Budkowski during the training session for Quality Referents in Paris on December 9-10, 2011. A few modifications have been done after to clarify some issues raised during the session.

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QUESTE-SI Referential

PDF document icon Meta-Referential Validated.pdf — PDF document, 478 KB (490047 bytes)

QUESTE-SI Kit for Advisers, Quality Referents and Auditors

The Kit for Advisers, Quality Referents and Auditors is a tool designed to provide guidance to advisers, quality referents and auditors involved in the pilot phase of the project on how to evaluate participation of an institution unit or department in sustainable development education. It consists of the QUESTE-SI Referential divided into two parts: Part One – Principles, and Part Two – Objectives & Indicators, and of the Self-Assessment Guidelines.

QUESTE-SI Kit for Advisers, Quality Referents and Auditors - Read More…


Standards for Sustainability in Engineering Education
Tom Phillips summarizes the Meta-referential in a form that might be understood by many readers.
File Octet Stream Strategic Fulfilment Grid by Topical Area
This document by Tom Phillips outlines an evaluation grid with emphasis on strategy that proceeds from school down to program level. Sustainability will come to nothing unless it is embedded in institutional strategy.

Presentation of the QUESTE-SI project at the EAIE Conference in Dublin

The QUESTE SI project will be presented during a workshop at the 24th EAIE conference that will take place in Dublin 11-14 September. EAIE stands for "European Association for International Education" and is one of the biggest higher education networks in Europe. Their conference is the largest higher education conference in Europe and is targeted at Higher Education professionals from all over the world. Our proposal for a workshop titled "Sustainable development. What can Business Schools learn from Engineering Education?" is intended to showcase the results of the QUESTE-SI initiative and to ensure its visibility and dissemination among international institutions.

PDF document icon EAIE Conference Proposition.pdf — PDF document, 387 KB (397303 bytes)

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