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QUESTE-SI Awarding Procedure

This page introduces the four-phase QUESTE-SI procedure.


Overview of the QUESTE-SI procedure


The procedure consists of the following four phases:

  • Initial consultation and application to participate
  • Self-assessment and preparation of the Self-Assessment Report
  • External assessment (audit) during a site visit and the Audit Visit Report
  • Decision on recognition - granting of the QUESTE-SI Award


Phase I : Initial consultation and application

Institution should review the QUESTE-SI documents (in particular the QSI referential and QSI self-assessment template) to determine whether it is appropriate to apply to enter the QUESTE-SI procedure.

There are two crucial prerequisites:

  • Evidence of an operational institution quality assurance system that satisfies national QA requisites but makes no recommendation on the choice of a QA approach.
  • Existence of an institutional sustainability strategy (preferably implemented, or least clearly under development).


Formal letter of intent to be sent identifying

  • The participating program(s)
  • A quality referent to interface with QUESTE-SI
  • Necessity (if any) for 1 day advisory site visit
  • Other requirements

1-day advisory site visit:

  • organised on demand to respond to institutional needs
  • organised by the quality referent nominated by the institution
  • intended to clarify with relevant personnel the implementation of the process, the objectives and criteria, the self-assessment, and information requirements


Phase II : Self-Assessment

Organised around the fours Dimensions and their specific Objectives and Indicators identified in the self-assessment guide Kit for Advisers, Quality Referents and Auditors. For more information click here.


Phase III : External Assessment

Organised during 2-day site visit

Visiting audit expert team nominated by QUESTE-SI.

Validation of information contained in the self-assessment reports and supporting documents.

Preliminary audit report for comments at the end.

Final audit report taking account, if needed, of factual errors and inaccuracies is prepared and sent to the QUESTE-SI Awarding Body.


Phase IV : Recognition

Based on the final audit team report and their recommendations and any institutional response, QUESTE-SI Awarding Body may recognize the effort and grant the institution with the QUESTE-SI Award.

You can find the description of the QUESTE-SI award here.

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