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Quality is defined in terms of institutional strategy and action with respect to sustainable development.

Sustainable development education means the integration in education of dimensions that are beyond purely technical dimensions.

These additional dimensions include:

  • economical
  • social
  • environmental


  • To provide quality improvement guidelines for sustainable development aspects in education.
  • To provide a quality improvement tool (leading to a label) to demonstrate involvement of an institution unit or department in sustainable development education.
  • To provide means to enhance the visibility of institutions and programs which have a sustainability strategy in place or clearly under development

Focus / Target

  • QUESTE-SI  focuses on the realization of sustainability strategies
    • at institutional and program level
  • QUESTE-SI is targeted towards an educational institution unit or department responsible for one or more programmes
    • all programmes of the unit may be included in the evaluation


  • QUESTE SI evaluation is restricted to the sustainability aspects.
  • QUESTE SI requests, as an eligibility prerequisite, for participation, evidence of a quality assurance implemented system that satisfies national QA requisites but makes no recommendation on the choice of a QA approach.