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Project Workplan Timetables


  • WP1 : Establish Meta-referential for Higher education for sustainable industry sharing best practice between Business and S&T education
  • WP2 : Set up referentials in S&T higher education for sustainable industry in Human and Materiel Resources, Energy and Information and Communication technology
  • WP3 : Provide a Quality System as a sustainable Web2 process
  • WP4 : Train Advisers, Quality referents (Universities) and Auditors to the Quality System
  • WP5 : Implement the process among Queste2 candidate institutions
  • WP6 : External audit of candidate institutions
  • WP7 : Experiment an on-line consultation and decision of Queste Awarding Body
  • WP8 : Feedback and internal evaluation of the on-line process
  • WP9 : Management and technical coordination of the project